Social programme

The social events will include:
• Welcome party
• Iasi city tour
• International cooking day
• Other social events
• Farewell party
• Trips

Iasi city tour
A guided city tour with highlights of Iasi architecture and history. You will have the possibility to visit the old monasteries, any museums and memorial houses. Cultural life gravitates around the National Theater and an Opera House, Tatarasi Atheneum and the famous Botanical Garden.
You can find out more things about Iasi and Romania here.

International cooking day
You will have to prepare a unique meal from your country. If you need an ingredient that you think it is not available in Romania, we would like to bring it with you. The other ingredients will be supplied by us during the summer school based on a shopping list.

Other social events
We also organize several small events such as karaoke night, a bowling game and a swimming pool party (be sure not to forget to take your swimming suit!). These events are a great opportunity to socialize with other Summer School students outside of class, and to experience Romanian lifestyle.

First trip will be at the mountain region of our country. A great opportunity to relax after a week of surgical classes and workshops!
The second trip will be to the Black Sea. We will enjoy the sea and beach in one of the most dynamic sea resorts in Romania-Costinesti, where you will be able to experience the Romanian way of having fun, to get tanned and to get ready to leave our country with amazing memories.